A few pointers to get you started.

So you have an idea about what you want to talk about on the podcast. 

Phone is ready with headphone mic connected or

USB mic plugged into the laptop. 

Well.  Here are a few ideas about how you could get the conversation going.

"Hi, I'm .......   and on this episode i'd like to talk about ........"


"Today, I'd like to welcome members of the ..... camera club to talk about ....."

"When I first visited ....  I wanted to document the impact of climate change on the area."

“Hello and welcome to this podcast, this episode is for ___ all about ___ . Have you ever struggled with ___?, well that's exactly what we're going to help you with on this week's show, where you'll learn how to ___”

Summarize what the episode contains.

If you're in conversation, try to keep it flowing but dont feel you need to hurry through.  Try to keep errms and ummms to a minimum if possible.  Feel free to leave gaps in the recording if you are thinking of an answer or trying to keep the train of thought, this can be edited out in post at this end.

Try to relax and forget that there is a microphone, this will aid the conversation.

If there are multiple people in the recording, do a test recording so that all contributors can be heard on the audio.

Overall, enjoy the experience and you will come out with a great recording.

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Photo: Mike Molloy

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