how to Submit your audio

In order to get your audio on the podcast, you'll need to upload a fairly decent quality mp3 file to our cloud server between 128kbps and 256kbps will be great. 

To record your podcast you can use a phone app or Audacity a free download for PC and Mac.

Feel free to talk on any subject connected to photography that you like, on your own or with a group. 

You are free to promote and mention social media and any publications or websites that you wish.

Click here for some tips on starting the podcast conversation.

The audio can be any length but in general podcasts work best at no more than 30 mins or so.

Rules for naming the audio.

- Please title the mp3 file 'Name-Episode Title.mp3'

- The name can be your own name, alias or photography groups name.

The title will be the episode title.*

You can also drag to the cloud area any supporting documents such as an episode profile pic you wish to be used, any photos from a shoot mentioned to go in the website feature or a typed episode transcript as a word document, all are optional. 

Please name these in a similar format to identify them with the episode. 


Any problems email here

Please refrain from using language that may cause offence to listeners or have other legal repercussions by being libelous etc or cause other legal issues as a result of comments made. 

Open Aperture reserves the right to edit or refuse to publish anything that may cause offence.

*Name may be subject to alteration.


 Drop Me a Line, Let Me Know What You Think

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