Welcome to Open Aperture

An advert free photography podcast from the UK that you can contribute to.

Open Aperture is now open to anyone interested in the world of photography who would like to record a podcast and have it made into your own episode.

My aim is to use this platform to document the stories of as many photographers as possible who want to talk about their experiences in the world of photography in a magazine style format. 

From a few guys in their community center camera club to portrait photographers and their experiences of working with models to photojournalists looking at the impacts of climate change on remote villages. 

All contributions are welcome and I'd like those stories to be heard.

To take part, simply go to the submit page in the top menu and send your

photography related mp3 file to the show for free.

I'll edit it in to an episode and publish it, simple. 


Nothing more complicated than that and you dont need to

go through the hassle of setting up your own podcast series. 


Contribute as many times as you want, when you want for free.

Open Aperture is run by UK photographer Mike Molloy.

Unlike other Photography Podcasts, Open Aperture will always remain advert free forever.


Please ask people to support the podcast and allow it to

remain add free by buying us a coffee.!


There will be a referral and profit share scheme in the future for regular contributors based on the donations received so keep promoting the link to keep the podcast add free and I'll post more details about this later.

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